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Join the Multi-Passionate

An intimate community of ambitious professionals who want to break free from their "one-size-fits-all" box and pursue their curiosities in a proven and intentional way that will launch a new income stream. 

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Discovering Who You Are IS Your Purpose

Who are you, really? Have you ever reflected on this question and allowed yourself to ponder the possibilities? (Hint: they're limitless!)

Think about it. When you fully embrace your true self, you are able to align with your purpose. Discovering who you really are and how you can truly show up in life opens the door to infinite potential. 


The truth is, your purpose is as unique as you are. It’s not defined by your career, or family, or any one thing - it’s a combination of it all. It’s about how you show up to your life and your highest self. 

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Do you feel joy, excitement, motivation and ease in your life?

These are all part of living the human experience, especially when you purposefully align your actions with your true nature.

In simple terms, we were designed to move, create, and rest. Body, mind + spirit.

Living a life of alignment is one that balances the three.

No more limiting beliefs, no more imposter syndrome, no more people-pleasing,
no more excuses.

When you step into your soul's calling and align your actions with your true self... 

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When you naturally show up to life in a joyful, creative and easeful way, you radiate that energy into everything you do, and everyone you interact with.

Discovering who you really are is the first step in taking aligned action. 

When we work together, you can expect to:

Reconnect with and fully live your values - after all, values without aligned action are just hobbies

Reclaim your flame - move from burnout to breakthrough by setting healthy yet firm boundaries with yourself and others

Address your negative self-talk so it can be reframed to create positive change and aligned action

Align with your inner purpose and goals to finally make significant, sustainable change

Optimize your wellbeing by creating a healthy work:life ratio (let's be honest, a work-life balance doesn't exist, it's a ratio)

Find career satisfaction by connecting with your purpose, joy and your unique energetic signature

Take responsibility for your experience so you can stop being a victim to your own life and start taking the lead instead

Build your emotional intelligence so you know how to manage tough situations when they arise, because they will. 

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Let's connect so we can get started... 


“Jill’s knowledge and passion is energizing and gave me the tools I needed to work on myself . It was a safe space that I felt supported and could easily open up to share my experiences. Jill has such powerful insight and a pure and healing touch.”

Jane Johnston

“Jill has taken in depth eastern philosophy and translated it to easy to understand concepts. She provides you will all the tools and support to incorporate these into your life. She is a compassionate and supportive listener. She held a safe space for our group to share vulnerable topics each week. I felt empowered and motivated to take action towards my commitments after every session.”

Eris Latham

“Jill is a relatable, calming influence who guides you in a manner that makes you feel valid and heard. We all get caught up in our own "stuff" without realizing that we are holding ourselves back with our continued limited beliefs and self sabotage. I feel excited to be free of the beliefs that were holding me under water. I have started journaling again and I have a refreshed, optimistic outlook..”

Shawna Wolff

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